- The beginining. - The beginining.

Way way back in the day, at the dawn of the internet, my mother called me on the phone to ask me what I wanted for Christmas. My answer was simple. "My hair is falling out, and my head gets cold at night." My mother said, " This sounds like a great idea. I will call L.L. Bean and order a hat for you." My response to her was, "Mom, they won't have what I want. I want one of those slumber caps like in The Night Before Christmas. When we get off the phone have Dad log you onto the internet, go to and they will have the slumber cap." My mother replied, "I have no idea how to do this. When we hang up, you go onto the internet, get the cap, and I will reimburse you for Christmas."

I hung up the land line phone and dialed into the internet. Yep, that's what we called it back then. I typed in and nothing came back. I was thought to myself that's weird. And of course, you know the story, you keep typing the domain into your browser, and nothing comes up. Eventually, I discovered the domain name had not been registered. I was running out of time by then and gave up for the night.

Back then, I owned my own technology company. I went into work Monday morning marched into my assistant's office and announced. "Sally, you have one thing to do today and one thing only. Figure out how to get registered in my name.

Around noon time, she called me on my bag cellphone and told me we got it. My immediate response was, "What do you mean we got it?" She said, "We have the domain name registered in your name."

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